Robyn Thornton


L.J. Hooker Tamworth is independently owned and operated by DRE Downtown Real Estate Pty Ltd, whose principal Shareholders and Directors are Richie and Robyn Thornton.

Robyn is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and has been in Real Estate for fifteen years, She is also a Member of the L.J. Hooker Captains Club and the L.J. Hooker Admirals Club. Robyn was the President of the L.J. Hooker New South Wales Property Investment Management Chapter (PIMC) from 1997 to 1999. She is the past International President for the Property Investment Management Chapter for L.J. Hooker.

Robyn is the firm's Property Management Director and oversees one of the largest Property Management Portfolios in the L.J. Hooker Network. She has vast experience in Residential, Commercial, Retail and Government Property Management.

Robyn's aim is to ensure that all properties entrusted to her and her staff are meticulously looked after with a view to ensuring the best possible rental and capital value of the property is maintained.

Robyn has been instrumental in streamlining efficient internal systems for Property Management not only for L.J. Hooker Tamworth but also for the benefit of all L.J. Hooker Offices. Utilising the most up to date computer systems maximises the efficiency of the L.J. Hooker Tamworth Property Management Department.

  • 21 Club 21 Club
  • Life Admiral Life Admiral
  • Life Member of Captain's Club (PIM) Life Member of Captain's Club (PIM)

My Awards

  • Life Admiral - Jul 2017
  • 21 Club - Nov 2008
  • Life Member of Captain's Club (PIM) - Mar 2006
  • Life Member Of Captain's Club (PIM) - Inaugural - Mar 2006
  • Sir Leslie Hooker Award - Aug 2003
  • PIM Chapter - International President - Jan 2002
  • PIM Chapter - State President - Jun 2000
  • PIM Chapter - State President - Jun 1999
  • PIM Chapter - State President - Jun 1998
  • PIM Chapter - Region Committee Member - Jun 1997
  • PIM Chapter - Region Committee Member - Jun 1996